About Masaki Matsuka

Beautiful fashion exists because of beautiful visions. Designers possess a gift that they share with the world through the garments that they create. They’re able to emit ideas and emotions with fabric, color, and fit. Their creative visions help shape the world we live in, the clothing we wear and the way we interact in them.
Masaki Matsuka, which is Barbara Wangs International Fashion Group’s main brand, consists of designers from Milan, Tokyo, and Paris. Compared to the work of the world’s top fashion designers, the goal of the brand was to create a high-end fashion collection featuring international three-dimensional artistic pieces. Taking inspiration from nature itself, designs mimic the free-flowing essence of items found outdoors.

Each design exemplifies high fashion and is exquisitely detailed and hand made. From the vibrant colors used to create the garments to the quality of the fabric, the beautiful pieces stand out as incredible work of art.  Making the brand as unique as the people who choose to wear it.

Masaki Matsuka is a testament to how fashion has evolved to what it is today. Styles represent the individual and are highly personalized. An emphasis on comfort and elegance is what makes the brand stand out even more. The clothing is designed to flow weightlessly on the body and give the people wearing it a sense of freedom as they move.

Part of the appeal of the brand is the way that the products are made. Hand crafted to perfection, they’re easy to carry and can be folded without wrinkling. The fabrics are compressible, making it easy to pack several outfits in a small bag. 

They’re also easy to maintain.  To launder them simply hand wash with soap and hang dry. Within one hour, the garments are completely dry and ready to be worn without wrinkles. That’s what makes the brand stand out the ability top be worn on any business trips as well as elegant weddings.


Masaki Matsuka sells dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, and trousers in a variety of colors and styles. Our customers look fashionable wherever they go without having  to sacrifice comfort or style as they have both when they buy and wear our brand. If you don’t have a lot of extra space in your luggage and want clothing that washes and wears well, Masaki Matsuka is perfect for you. It’s luxurious and elegant, high-fashion, making it a sound investment for whoever decides to buy and wear it. Stand out at the next event or function you attend by wearing Masaki Matsuka. 

We continue to be the industry leader in pleated fashion paving a way for an enlightenment of design. Masaki Matsuka is the clothing of the future, have you joined the revolution? 

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